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Video Games 4 Sale

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Video Games - Buy, Sell, Trade
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Buy, sell, or trade video games/video game merchandise!

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Maintainers: 3kame and hollzilla Please message us if you have any questions! :)


This community is for selling video games. However, ANYTHING relating to video games may be included (for example: clothing, toys, bags, CDs, etc). Please do not put Anime (this is the most common error posted in the community, so that's why it is singled it out) or any other items which do not relate to video games. An exception would be a series that began as a game (such as Pokemon). You may not post any other non-video game item(s) on this community. We are aware that many series (like Full Metal Alchemist, Inu-Yasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, Love Hina, Digimon, etc) have been made into games; but this does not mean you can put non-video game items (like an Inu-Yasha Manga) just because the series was a game. Feel free to link to your LiveJournal, eBay auction and/or post your banner. You are also allowed to talk about anything relating to video games, show off your game collection, or ask for a certain game. So long as it's about video games, it's fine!

Payments & Other Info.

► Rules

1) Sellers - if you'd like for people to leave your prices alone, YOU are responsible for mentioning on your post that you don't accept haggling. Buyers - please be courteous and refrain from posting about their prices.

2) Please try to post the details of your video game(s) and/or merchandise for sale, to make things easier for people. Expect people to ask for proof of feedback and/or pictures of your items.

3) You may mention that you have non-videogame items for sale, but it can NOT be the main focus of your post. You are allowed to leave a link to your ebay auction, LiveJournal and/or a banner. Don't only post a link/banner (meaning: NO Advertizing here).

4) Stick to video games! This is not the place for walk-throughs, cheats, or whatever

5) You may only put one image in your entry, it cannot exceed 640 width. If you have more than one picture, please put it under a LJ-cut: [lj-cut] STUFF GOES HERE [/lj-cut] replace [ brackets ] with < angles >. LJ has excellent image hosting if you need a home for your pictures. You may can also try: Photobucket, TinyPic, ImageShack

6) Don't post the same thing more than one per day. If you spam, your posts will be deleted and you'll be banned.

7) Screening and deleting comments is not allowed. Deleting your entries is not allowed. If you delete your journal, we may assume you are a scammer. Such as selling items then running away.

8) NO referral links. (Referral links are when you post a link which gives you monetary incentive when another person clicks on it or signs up because of you.)

9) Please be polite to others. If you troll or are otherwise a jerk/scammer your posts/comments will be deleted/frozen and you'll be banned

10) We do not allow other video game selling, buying, or trading communities to promote here. Basically, no advertizing.
Word of Caution:

Please be careful when you are buying or trading with others. Make sure you obtain some feedback or check the seller out at other communities. Prices which are usually too good to be true, are. It is highly suggested that you do not mail money. There is no way to get your money back if you have been scammed. If you decide to do it anyways, please think twice about sending it to PO Boxes. There is no way you can track the person down with that information. Always ask for delivery confirmation if you are suspicious or leery. FILE PAYPAL DISPUTES if you DO NOT receive your items! If you are scammed TELL A MOD, leave negative feedback and we'll add them to the scammers list.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask/message a moderator.

Scammers that have hit this community:


If you are banned from other selling communities, then you probably won't be allowed to sell here.

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